About Us

December 1986 was an exciting time for Glenn and Carol Ard, the owners of Trigger's Seafood Restaurant. The same day they were married-- December 5th-- they stopped by the attorney's office to sign papers to buy the restaurant. Asked why they were so dressed up, Glenn and Carol explained that they'd just been wed. The attorney and clerks surprised the newlyweds with a bottle of champagne to celebrate their new beginning-- and they've been celebrating ever since!

The business originally on the site of the current Trigger's restaurant was the Time Saver Deli and Convenience Store. Half of the building was a convenience store with gas pumps; the other half was a little deli, which served sandwiches, pizzas and soft serve ice cream.

Glenn and Carol immediately expanded the deli's offerings to include fresh seafood. The Ard family is renowned in the Perdido Key area for mullet fishing. Glenn, his father Clyde Ard, and brothers Doug and Jimmy provided the deli with a steady supply of delicious, Gulf-fresh mullet, which paired delectably with cheese grits (a Southern staple) and hush puppies.

In 1989, the couple decided they needed to expand the deli to a full-service restaurant. They threw the shelves of the convenience store out the door, removed the gas pumps, and put in more tables, turning the restaurant into what it is today.

The remodeled restaurant needed a new name to match, so Glenn and Carol turned to the community for help with a restaurant-naming contest. By that time, the Ard family was going deep sea fishing and catching plenty of triggerfish to serve in the restaurant, and the answer to the naming dilemma was clear to at least one person. The Ards still remember the look of pride on the young teenager's face when he came in to receive his prize for suggesting with the winning name-- Trigger's.

Trigger's has always been and continues to be a family-run restaurant. Glenn and Carol's daughter, Kim, son-in-law, Tommy, parents, sisters, brothers, nieces, nephews, aunts, and even grandchildren all have had a hand in helping to make the restaurant what it is today. Their employees are always held near and dear to their hearts. They love each and every one of them and consider them a part of the family.


"We have met many wonderful friends through the restaurant over the years. We cherish each one of you and appreciate the faithful business that you have so generously given for many years. We even have a saying that if you started out eating at Trigger's in diapers and are now a grown customer, you are a true 'Trigger's Baby'!
We appreciate you eating with us and hope to see you soon!

Happy Eating!"
Glenn & Carol Ard